Sunday, June 01, 2008

America, America, This is You!

When it starts to approach dusk on Sunday evenings you can here one thing in our house, a three year old yelling AFV!! Ethan loves, loves, loves America's Funniest Home Videos. It is the perfect combo of babies, dogs, cats, and people falling down. Travis and I like a little AFV as well, it brings back fond memories of our own Sunday nights as children. Remember Bob Saget and the little clip when they told you to "send it to Saget" c'mon who doesn't love AFV? "You're the red white and blue, the funny things you do, America, America, this is you!" Yeah, you're welcome, I hope you have that theme song in your head all day. And America this is you, drunk people dancing at weddings and children hitting their fathers in the groin with baseball bats, oh America you're so funny.
Ethan loves to watch AFV with Daddy and have a big bowl of air popped popcorn. The Rhodes family obsession with popcorn is a little crazy, if Carrie or Brittany are reading this you know what I mean. Seriously my children have been imbedded with the same popcorn desiring DNA of their forefathers. When Calvin who is just 17 months old heard the air popper come on tonight it was all he could do to get his tiny body down the stairs and to the source of the corn. Don't get me wrong I like popcorn as well but maybe there's just a little more Odom in me then Rhodes.


TheDillon6 said...

our kids, too, love the Funniest Videos show...they just laugh and laugh and laugh. And every time I worry that Malcolm will see something insane that he will want to emulate. I once took some very hiLARious video of Dana falling asleep WHILE still eating spaghetti (sleep-eating). The kids: send it in! Send it IN! Sadly, I think I lost it. :(

Corey and Lisa said...

What a cute little tradition!! Our kids crack up watching that show too. I think it is funnier watching their reaction to the clips than the clips themselves!!!

Niki Carpenter said...

Hey, we do the same thing! Now that Aidan is getting older and understands more he actually gets some of the videos, and will crack up at some of them. Very cute picture of the boys together!