Saturday, June 07, 2008


For a long time I have been wanting to go bowling on Saturday morning with the fam. My parents were watching my brother's kids for a night so we picked up the girls and headed to Acme Bowl. The facility was built after WA state banned smoking in places like bowling alleys so it's nice and clean and doesn't stink! We had a great time and Ethan really enjoyed the bowling until about the 7th frame when he declared he was all done and proceeded to take off his bowling shoes. Sophie was all too happy to take over his half of their shared bowling turn. Alyssa beat me and came in close second to Travis. Emily and I tied, seriously I have lost my bowling skills. Calvin was a maniac and wanted to cruise down the bowling lanes, I think most of the bowling balls weighed more then him. We had a great time and I am glad we got to go with the cousins. I think it's so great that my boys have cousins and grandparents and aunts and uncles nearby to grow-up with, they even have a cousin doggy! The time will pass quickly that all of the kids are happy with the same activity we have to take advantage of this time while we can.


TheDillon6 said...

I'm very jealous! That sounds like SO much fun!!!

kim said...

Ditto, I'm jealous. I miss being close to fam and good ole Sea-town. Love you

kim said...

JO- want more pics please :)